Post-Pandemic Office Space Makes South Florida a Triple Threat

Sun, surf and square foot cost, coupled with lower taxes and year-round outdoor dining makes South Florida market irresistible.  Don’t forget our illustrious hurricane season, that necessary element of danger.

Humanistic and economic real estate goals have become one in the same. Offices must be planned so that an employee who is in the office 50% of the time does not need a 48-square foot space, but rather a well-designed space for when he or she actually lands.

In the absence of face-to-face communication, virtual teams may be prone to misunderstandings, lack of trust. The loss of physical cues in electronic communication-eye contact, body language and intonation are subtle but powerful effects that we are experiencing. Tele-conferencing tends to stay on agenda, less give and take and spontaneity which lead to new ideas and insights.

Human beings are social animals who need physical contact to thrive.

Consider how important the handshake is upon being introduced in a business context. Socializing is an important foundation for collaboration, making a strong case for the office as a site for interaction.

In the office people talk, laugh, listen, show, celebrate and mentor. It is also important to remember that the office is a symbol, a brand expression that conveys the unique brand message to everyone who interacts with the space, employees and visitors alike. It is a hub for staff and clients, vendors and partners that reflects the philosophy and personality of the organization……it helps shape the culture.

We cannot forget the power of presence.

Interior architecture, planning and design are now more important than ever. Companies leasing new office space or reconfiguring existing space need to utilize design professionals along with their real estate team and internal facilities/office managers. The physical environment needs to now integrate virtual participants, both employee and clients.

Design has always been a vehicle for change, Covid-19 has accelerated the process for most, if not all businesses. We must now embrace some experimentation to create the new hybrid workplace. Most companies are realizing that includes the key elements that define the South Florida market.

Written by David M. Chason