Are there really people that would prefer to work from home forever?

I know for many people the answer is ‘yes’.

In all honesty, my work from home experience was quite depressing. The days felt long, monotonous, and uninspiring.

My time management skills were no longer able to free up my time for coffee breaks, walks, or lunch. On most days, I didn’t have time to shower or even go to the bathroom!

Instead, I jumped from one zoom call to another with such haste that I often forgot to which meeting I was in. I felt exhausted, ineffective, and most of all, frustrated.

Thankfully, my kids are both over 18 so I didn’t have to worry about them interrupting my work. I cannot imagine how women with small kids managed to keep their professional lives afloat whilst running a day care in their homes.

I went back to the office in July. Since then, everything has changed. The fact that I need to take a shower, dress properly, and wear makeup has completely changed my attitude and elevated my spirit.

Seeing my coworkers makes me feel connected and energized. They had become rectangles in a screen.

Working from home can be a nice change of pace but the office gives me energy in a way that my home never will.

Written by Juliana Fernandez

Co-Founder AEI Spaces.